“Enlightened” || Seal of Light – Book1


A loud crackling thunder roared across the entire misted grassland. In the midst of darkness, a young man exhausted himself from running, looking for the light.

He felt the presence of other beings.   It was too dark to see their faces. They were reaching and calling for his help. He moved back and ran away from them, and then suddenly, one of them caught him and said in a very eerie voice, “Help us, please!

He stumbled and continued running. He felt his sweat drip down from his face as he catches his breath, he suddenly fell into a giant black hole on the ground, and it was pitch-black down there. Something or someone bumped into him. He tried to focus all his senses to it. He felt the cold wind that breezed behind him. His right arm slowly lit up and caught the creature that was lurking in the darkness. He could not see it clearly but he knew he saw a giant rat-like being.

“Mat Adam” The creature said in a very husky and spine-chilling voice. It struggled wildly and was able to escape him. He was about to grab that creature again but he saw a light from another direction. So he ran towards that source of light instead. As he moves further, he heard another voice…

“Mat Adam, the time has come.”

It was a very familiar voice. He continued to run and then he leaped high and entered the door-like image made of light.


Mat woke up gasping for breath. It took him a few seconds to realize that he was already in his true wake state. Before, he has as many as three or more layers of waking up before reaching the real wake state. Gladly, it was just a single layered dream this time, but this nightmare appeared much often lately, still trying to figure out the message, confused if it has something to do with a reconciliation of the past or warning of any coming event in the future.

It was past 6 o’clock in the afternoon. Awakened by the sound of his phone alarm, his breathing slowed as he stared up at the white ceiling of this special guest room of the Good Eve’s hotel.

“It’s time alright,” the young man said.

Feeling very thirsty and exhausted, he quickly jumped out of bed and grasped a drink of water.

His name is Mat Adam. A short-haired-neat-looking, not-so-bulky-not-so-skinny, regular guy you pass by every day. Not a wealthy person, just making enough for a living. He is a techie-guy, anything that has to do with computers and gadgets, he’s on it.

He recently finished installing Security Cameras here at the Good Eve’s Mansion. This old mansion was converted into a hotel and it is located on the upper ground of the far-end side of the beach. It was inherited and being maintained by his client Mr. John Eve.

Mat’s phone beeped for a message notification. He took it and read the new message.

“I will be meeting you at the Dining Area at 6:30 pm.”

The message came from Mr. Eve, Mat replied and acknowledged it.

“I will be right there sir. Thank you.”


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