Enlightened – Chapter 1 “Into the State of Nothingness”

Chapter 1 “Into the State of Nothingness”

A newly constructed building sitting on the top of a cliff, beneath it is the calm water of the sea reflecting the moon. The place boasts its grand location with a dim light setting a romantic mood for its guests.

After a quick shower, Mat pulled a fresh long sleeved shirt pairing a slack-pants and sandals. He packed-up his things and took out this bizarre looking box from his bag.

Entering the Mansion’s diner, Mat smelled the aroma of the roasted food being served.  He looked around hoping to see Mr. Eve somewhere. The open-ceiling, high-windows and large door of the terrace gives everyone inside the diner a natural sea breeze feeling.

Still looking around, and then finally, he saw a tall, handsome mid-40s looking man with his eyeglasses on and wearing a clean pressed casual-formal attire attending and chatting to a group of guests. Clearly, Mr. Eve is very much of a people-person. He interacts and talks to the guest and gives them a very home-like atmosphere.

“Hey Mat, there you are,” Mr. Eve said as he excused himself from the guests that he was talking to and approached Mat with a handshake.  Mat, on the other hand, reached to Mr. Eve. The two greeted and went to a reserved table near the balcony area.

“Dinner’s on me Mat.” Mr. Eve said

“Wow, really, thank you Mr. Eve.” Mat said as he looked at Mr. Eve calling one of his dining staff and asks for the House Special.

Mr. Eve operated the tablet device he was holding and accessed view of the hotel’s security cameras using it.

“Our Head Admin already gave a very good feedback on the initial and final test of all the security cameras. Great job Mat.”

“Thank you sir,” Mat nodded and smiled back.

Just before Mr. Eve utters another work, someone wrapped around him from behind and kissed him.

“Hey Dad,” the young woman said.

“Dad? So this is the daughter of Mr. Eve.” Mat thought as he gazed her. There was this instant admiration for the young woman’s beauty and simplicity. Mat was so amazed with how she carries herself, so simply dressed without even a piece of jewelry except for her tiny heart earrings, but above it all, her beautiful face was enough to make her look glamorous.

“Oh, Summer can you join us here for dinner?” Mr. Eve asked.

“But I thought you were in a meeting dad?”

“Yes we are honey, anyway, Summer, this is Mat Adam, the tech-specialist, Mat Adam this is my daughter Summer.” Mr. Eve said as he faces the direction of where Mat was sitting.

Mat was caught off-guard looking at her, so he quickly stood up and offered a hand shake, and the young woman accepted and shake hands with him. “Nice meeting you Ms. Summer Eve.”

They broke up as the waiter excused himself as he serves the food on the table.

Summer tucked her hair back her ears, smiled back and sat beside her father. “So you’re the techie guy who installed these cameras all-over.”

Mat was not able to answer back but kept the amazed look on his face and Summer noticed it and felt the little awkward tension between them. She shook her head and thought “Strange funny guy, he’s cute though.”

“Oh by the way, Mrs. Autumn asked me to give this box to you.” Mat said as he showed a small box and placed it in front of Mr. Eve.

“Mrs. Autumn? Like Lily Autumn?” Summer softly asked.

“Yes, Lily Autumn, she was the one who referred me to your father for the Security Cameras, why? do you know her?” Mat asked

“She is my aunt, my mother’s eldest sister.” Summer replied.

“Oh is that right?” Mat smiled back.

“Did she mention anything about my cousin Willow?” Summer asked

“Hmm no, just this box she asked me to give to your father.”

Then Mr. Eve and Summer looked at each other.

Mr. Eve took the box and opened it. He pulled out a gold bracelet which has carved lettering around it. The letterings were written in ancient like handwritings.

“This… this was your mother’s…” Mr. Eve said

Mat just looked at them with a bit of confusion. Summer took the bracelet and tried to inspect its details.

“But I think I overheard her talking to her helper about this person in a coma state, I’m not really sure, m-maybe that was some other…” Mat uttered.

“Yes, she was referring to her daughter Willow, my wife suffered the same unexplainable incident, but she died after more than a year after she went into a comatose state. Doctors could not tell the cause of her death nor the reason why she suddenly went into coma state in the first place.” Mr. Eve explained.

“I, I-I’m really sorry to hear that Mr. Eve.”

As their emotions started to weight in, a tear fell from Summer, she tried to look away and wipe it.

Mr. Eve noticed a small note inside the box, he unfolded and read it.

“John, I believe he can help us. He is not from any ancestral decent or genealogy of carriers. He is a chosen Alpha. He is also a pupil on Na’Vi Sai.”

Mr. Eve quickly folded the small note again and gave Mat a piercing look, and then he took Summer’s hand and did a comforting grip on her.

Mr. Eve’s device was still playing the feed from the security cameras. He noticed something unusual on the scene. The video feed was coming from his office. There is someone trying to open his vault that was mounted on the wall.

Mr. Eve quickly stood up and asked Summer to stay there, he bolted his way to his office, Mat saw the video feed too and quickly followed him.

Summer was left holding the bracelet closer to her chest. She did not notice the small crystal sparks of light that was starting build up from it as she watches Mat ran after his father.

Mat reached the office and saw Mr. Eve who was about to hit the burglar with a wooden stick which he always kept near the door area.

The burglar stopped filling his bag with money, held his gun with two hands and looked back. He was half a second late to react and got hit on the head. Mat moved closer just in case the guy gets back quickly to Mr. Eve.

The thief moved back and pointed his gun in eye-level. Mat quickly sneaked in and gave the man a quick roundhouse kick to its face, the burglar was stunned for a moment, he was so groggy that he dropped his gun and placed his hand to his head and the other hand to the wall. He saw Mat coming in again and he tried to fight back but Mat was able evade him. He threw a full winded punch, but Mat was able to dodge it. Mat grabs his hand and with a swift maneuver, a strong hit of an elbow pinned him down and Mat mounted his weight upon him while still holding his twisted arm. Mat kicked the gun towards Mr. Eve’s direction.

“You know this was coming John.” The burglar said. His eyes turned all black and the eerie voice doesn’t seem to be his. It was a very dark and heavy. Mat and Mr. Eve felt the dark aura that suddenly lurked into the room.

Mat heard a ticking sound that was coming from underneath the burglar’s clothes. He knew it was an improvised explosive. Mat harshly checked with his other hand while still holding the guy down. He saw a small timer attached to an explosive device wrapped around the man’s body with 33 seconds left and it was continually ticking and counting down. All of a sudden, the man single-handedly lifted Mat from his mount position, choked him and slowly raised him up with his both feet freely swinging into the air. Mat tried to free himself but the guy suddenly just got this super strength and he could not even slip away from it.

“You know I came for her John, too bad this pawn they sent could not even help.” The burglar spoke as he slammed Mat’s body hard on the wall. He finally let go of Mat and quickly ran out.

“Oh no, Summer!” John worriedly said. He quickly followed the man who was going to the direction where Summer is.

Mat stood up, shook his head and then followed Mr. Eve. “What was that all about?” He remembered the explosive that was counting down. “The man was about to go kamikaze, and I think he is bringing Summer with him.” Mat hurriedly outran Mr. Eve reaching the terrace first.

The burglar was standing on the other end of the table where Summer was standing and waiting for his next move. Mat knew it is a matter of seconds left before the explosive sets out. He quickly jumps over the man and tried to pull him near to the edge of the terrace.

“Go, Summer move back to safety!” Mat said while holding and wrestling the other guy.

The burglar was able to hold onto Summer’s arm and tried to pull her but the bracelet she was holding shone up. The light was like a direct ray of the sun covering the whole area of the balcony. Mat felt his body reacted to the light as if he just acquired this extra strength to do something to save Summer and his father from this coming explosion. He wasted no time and easily pulled the man away from Summer and did not have a second thought of letting themselves fall from the edge of the terrace.

The blast came upon and glasses from nearby window burst in pieces. Guests nearby panicked away. Summer got knocked back by wave of the explosion and just before her body fall from the wrecked veranda, Mr. Eve was able to catch her and pulled her up. She has lost her consciousness. Mr. Eve’s staff came to their aid and helped him carry Summer back to safety.

Mr. Eve looked down and watch Mat’s lifeless body rolled down to the large and sharp boulders of rock beneath the hotel and then splashing down to the floor of the open sea.

Mat was still able to see the figure of the wrecked veranda where he fell off. He felt his whole body submerge and being pulled down by the water.

“So is this what it feels like,” He thought. “Is this the warning I have dreamt about?”

Everything slowly faded to white as he enters …The State of Nothingness.


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